About the Guild

On the 16th of October 1986 the German knife makers Wolf Borger, Joachim Faust, Richard Hehn, Dietmar Kressler, Siggi Rinkes, Friedrich Schneider, Günther Spretke and Egon Trompeter founded the “German Knife makers Guild” (DMG). Egon Trompeter was chosen foreman. In the following year the statutes of the Guild were established and by date of 23rd of March 1987 registered in Stuttgart lower regional court. Egon Trompeter was elected chairman and Franz Becker vice chairman.

Besides the fostering of the art of knife making the goals of the DMG are to establish shows and give buyers and collectors orientation in the way of high quality handmade knives. This applies not only to the quality of craftsmanship but also to fair dealing with customers. The Members of the DMG stand by these objectives. If there is a difference of opinion between a member and a customer the DMG acts as a mediator. By 2013 the Guild has more than 100 active members

The DMG differentiates between 3 forms of membership

  • Full members are active knife makers.
  • Supporting members or sponsors are knife collectors or knife lovers who seek adherence to the DMG or anybody who wants to support the goals of the DMG.
  • Honorary members are members who made outstanding contributions towards the goals of the Guild. They may be nominated honorary members by the general assembly.

Before anybody is admitted as full member to the DMG he needs 3 sponsors out of the ranks of full members. Then 5 knives of own authorship have to be presented for inspection to the inspecting committee. If the knives are accepted the candidate is a probationary member for one year.